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How many licences do you need?

Determine two numbers:
1. The number of PCs on which the software will be installed.
2. The number of users who will use the software.
The smaller of the two numbers is the number of licences you require.

How to pay

You can choose one of three options to purchase a licence key:

Option A: PayPal

You can easily pay with PayPal, the most common international payment system for the web.
The PayPal membership is completely free. You only pay exactly the price shown in the pricing table below. No tax and no transaction fee.
Visit the homepage for detailed information.

Option B: MyCommerce

This is recommended if you need an invoice.

Option C: Alternative payment

If you don't want to use PayPal or MyCommerce you might want to send an e-mail to the author Markus Welz and suggest an alternative.
However it has to be considered that there are usually disproportionately high fees on transactions from other countries to Germany.
In this case you can ignore the following three steps. Write the serial number into the e-mail instead. You will then receive the licence key by e-mail.


1. Enter the serial number

You find your serial number on the "Licence Reminder" screen of SpotOnTheMouse.
Serial number:

2. Start the transaction

Option A: PayPal

Click the "Buy Now" button corresponding with the desired number of licences.
Important: after the PayPal transaction wait for the licence key to be displayed on the screen. It will not be in the e-mail.
Number of Licences Price Price per Licence
23 Euro
23.00 Euro
36 Euro
18.00 Euro
51 Euro
17.00 Euro
66 Euro
16.50 Euro
80 Euro
16.00 Euro
93 Euro
15.50 Euro
105 Euro
15.00 Euro
116 Euro
14.50 Euro
126 Euro
14.00 Euro
140 Euro
14.00 Euro
210 Euro
14.00 Euro
280 Euro
14.00 Euro
1400 Euro
14.00 Euro

Option B: MyCommerce

Click this link to visit the MyCommerce website where you can enter the required number of licences and choose one of many payment methods (credit card, giropay, check...).
The advantage of MyCommerce over PayPal is that you receive an invoice.

3. After the transaction: get your licence key

Enter this licence key into the text field at the bottom of the "Licence Reminder" screen of SpotOnTheMouse and click on the "Close" button.

Option A: PayPal

After the payment you will get from the PayPal site back to the SpotOnTheMouse site where you find your licence key.

Option B: MyCommerce

You will receive an e-mail with the licence key and the invoice as an attached PDF file.